Beating Your Competition and Other Random Thoughts

I recently read an article by the CEO of Netflix where he said that he believes their competition isn’t Amazon Video, YouTube or other video platforms. He said that their competition was actually sleep.

It got me thinking about who our competitors are in network marketing.

Your competition probably isn’t who you think it is. It’s not that other MLM company and it’s not just any company that sells a similar product as yours.

Your true competition is what the majority of people use instead of the solution you offer.

Here’s why Network Marketing usually beats the competition…

Network Marketing is a Better Way

Not only do I believe that network marketing is a better way to build a business, I also believe it’s a better way to be a customer. 

It provides a community of support in helping someone get a result. It comes with accountability and recognition and lots of education when executed the right way.

In the episode above I also share a simple yet effective way to create the desire in others to try your products even when it may never have existed before. 😉

Have an amazing day!