Automated Webinars vs Live Webinars For Network Marketing

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I’ve used webinars as my number one online conversion tool for over 2 years now. They are by far the best way to convert someone into a buyer. You’re able in a webinar to spend a good amount of time educating and bringing value and then to still have a good 15 to 20 minute pitch.

Make sure that your webinar content brings value and can stand alone and convert people to YOU even if they decide not to buy. Think of your network marketing product as the short cut to the result you’re teaching about on the webinar.

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Live webinars vs automated webinars

Both are extremely powerful and easy to implement. Do live webinars when you’re starting to practice your craft. People will be more forgiving in the beginning and love that they can ask questions live.

As you get better you can leverage your past webinars as automated webinars to pull in leads and convert new customers.

Step 1 – Get the software

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Step 2 – Invite your friends to and execute your first live webinar!

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Creating the perfect webinar script

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Have a great day my friends and go set up your first webinar!!!