Driving Activity and Achievement Through Gamification

I was listening to one of my current online mentors right now Russell Brunson and learned something that at first caught me off guard.

He said you should help your customers and builders confuse activity with achievement. At first I thought he had it backwards and that the last thing we want is people busy doing the wrong things and just waiting for achievement that will never come.

BUT I wasn’t hearing what he was saying.

See he was teaching that most people in todays day and age do not have the patience they need to reach success. It’s true that in network marketing as an example most people do not reach their desired timeline of success.

Some grow fast, but most grow slow! And it’s still worth it for those that grow slower!

The role of gamification

One of the very best ways to get people to put in the RIGHT activities long term that will lead to their achievement is to use gamification. If you gamify the process of mastering and performing the activities that will eventually lead people to their desired achievement, you can create retention and actually help people get there even faster!

For more details listen to the podcast above AND be sure to grab Russells free book below Expert Secrets. All he asks is that you pay for shipping. It’s hands down the best book i’ve read all year. I actually took him up on some of the upgrades he offers as well. Enjoy!

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Have a rocking day my friends!