13 Podcasts I Devour on a Regular Basis

WARNING If you’re ONLY consuming content on a daily basis and not already CREATING CONTENT on a daily basis it’s time for a change.

You NEED to be a creator. Okay i’ll be done with the all caps now but here’s why i’m passionate about this.

Everything shifted in my life and business when I got over my fear of putting myself out there and I started creating content.

I started to have people reach out to me asking if they could work with me…

I had people give me money asking me to coach them…

I developed relationships with rockstars that i’d only ever admired from a far!

So again I say, if you’re not yet creating content on a daily basis. Please start NOW! 😉

Saturate Yourself in Good Education

I may be a little crazy but I consume 3-4 hours of content every single day. From audiobooks to podcasts and courses, I just love to learn.

When you saturate yourself with content put out there by people who are winning in their field it inspires you to do the same.

Plus you get ideas for your business.

Find time every day to be learning. And focus your learning time on something that you want to start implementing right now in your business. Don’t just go consume to learn. Consume to execute.

Here are a few podcasts I listen to and love. Pick one and dig in starting today.

Network Marketing Podcasts

(start here if you’re new to Network Marketing)

1. Bob Heilig – Your Virtual Upline

2. Ray Higdon – Home Business Profits

3. Simon Chan – MLM Nation

4. Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro

Generic Business Education and Inspiration Podcasts

5. John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire

6. Noah Kagan – Noah Kagan Presents

7. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income Podcast

8. Brooke Castillo – The Life Coach School Podcast

9. Gary V – The Gary V Audio Experience

10. Lewis Howes – The School of Greatness

Online Marketing Related Podcasts I Love

11. Neil Patel and Eric Su – Marketing School

12. Chalene Johnson – Build Your Tribe

13. Brandon Gaille – The Blog Millionaire

Pick one of these podcasts and start listening today. You’ll thank me later! 😉