Hobby vs Business Mentality in Network Marketing

In today’s episode of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast you are going to learn the difference between a business and a hobby mentality with your network marketing business.

First let me just say that whatever level you choose to play at is great! You can build network marketing like a hobby and enjoy the community, great products and maybe even make some money.

What bothers me is when people expect business like returns yet treat their business like a hobby in their actions. If you want to get paid like you’re building a million dollar business start by having the mentality of a million dollar business owner!

In today’s episode I talk about the value of

  • Setting up a business entity from the beginning (LLC, S-Corp, whatever your Accountant recommends)
  • Having a business plan
  • Setting business hours
  • Having advisors, mentors and coaches
  • Investing in education
  • And committing for the long term

Keep rocking!

P.S. Despite being in the middle of a move I had to get this episode up for you guys! =) Check out how crazy our place is right now! Fun fun =)