Maximize Your MLM Convention For Personal And Team Growth

Leveraging your network marketing company’s annual convention is one of the smartest thing you can do for your business each year. In today’s episode of the podcast i share how to maximize this event for your personal and team growth.

Team community building ideas

I’ve found that the second best retention strategy in network marketing is building a solid team community!

(the first is having a solid product in case you’re wondering)

Events are a great place to foster this culture and team family vibe. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Team exclusive dinner with everyone on your team at the event
  • Smaller group lunches each day to mastermind and learn together (NEVER EAT ALONE!)
  • Find ways to recognize those on your team who are at the “lower ranks” that your company can’t recognize on stage or at their gala event
  • Take time to help others feel significant in any way you can
  • Give a custom gift to people on your team (jewelry is a great option).
  • Play a game or do a city scavenger hunt before the event, after or on a free night.
  • Set goals and share top takeaways in groups!
  • Do a prospecting blitz challenge locally

Maximize your personal learning experience

The way you show up and treat the event is going to feed or suck from your belief levels AND it will show others how they should be showing up! Here are a few ideas:

  • Don’t ever ever sit in the halls or wander during the event!
  • Show up early to get good seats
  • Hunt down big leaders and ask them what advice they have for you
  • Set your goals AND action steps AT THE EVENT!

Anything you would add to these ideas? Throw it in the comments below! =)