First Movers Advantage on Social Media

Hello friends!

In today’s episode of the podcast I share why being a first mover can be so advantageous.

The landscape of society is changing so much every year and the way you build your business might need to evolve along with it.

I remember learning a long time ago that the principles for success in network marketing stay the same. As an example you will ALWAYS need to be able to invite people to take a look at what you do in your business or to take a look at your products.

While that principle is fixed, the strategies and tactics you use will and can vary a lot. In an ever evolving world of social media and business online the tactics and tools you use will shift.

It pays in dividends to be the person who is not afraid to be a “first mover”.

The example of live video:

Live video is currently in it’s early stages right now. A lot of people are letting their fear of being seen live keep them from utilizing this tool. Here in 2 or 3 years I firmly believe that live video will be the norm and less effective than it is today in terms of marketing.

Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive. Those who moved first into that medium did amazing and some still are today!

The general idea here is that I don’t want you to be afraid to do things online just because others aren’t doing them yet. It pays to be a first mover.

Platforms we’re playing with right now:

Obviously as hinted to above we are using live video a lot in our business right now. We’re also experimenting on the platforms of Shapr, WeChat, Nextdoor and several other platforms and tools.

Don’t over complicate your business. If you LOVE facebook, use facebook for your business but learn how to MASTER that platform and try to stay ahead of the curve and be that first mover when new features are rolled out. 😉

Wishing you success!