Stop That Self Sabotaging Self Talk

Hey hey guys welcome back to the network marketing mastery podcast! In today’s episode I share a few experiences i’ve had with my own self sabotaging self talk as well as what i’ve seen in those i’ve coached and worked with.

Self Sabotage is REAL!

I know it seems crazy that someone would sabotage their own success but this happens all the time!

Each negative thought about yourself that you let flow through you without questioning, becomes a brickĀ laidĀ on the wall of your beliefs between you and where you want to go. Instead of putting that brick down, choose to cast it aside and use some of the strategies mentioned in this podcast episode to either question the thought or turn it around into an affirmation.

I hope you LOVE this episode and look forward to the next one where i’ll be sharing 5 tips for closing with confidence in your network marketing business.

All best,