5 Tips For Closing With Confidence

The close CAN be your favorite part of every event you do..

I almost think it SHOULD be! Think about it.. You cannot change anyones life with your product without actually making the sale. So many people shy away from asking for money and get awkward. If you truly believe in the value of the products you’re offering you have an obligation to get comfortable asking for the sale so you can truly help others have a transformation.

Today I want to share with you 5 simple tips to help you close with confidence!

Tip 1. Use pen and paper for the close when in person

Sit down with each person and start to fill out the form WITH them. Write their name on the top of the page and show them step by step how to order. Depending on the generation of your audience they might still hesitate to put their card into a random computer. Have paper and pen also makes it easier to do the next tip:

2. Assume the sale

Grant Cardone taught me that “if you treat your prospect like a buyer they will become a buyer”.

Never assume that people won’t see the value in the products or that they don’t have enough money etc… Assume they are excited to buy and ready! Your energy is absolutely transferable and will help people have confidence in you and the purchase.

3. Simplify the process

Listen to the podcast episode to get the exact language that I use but don’t give people to many options for signing up. My preference is to guide people to only 2 or 3 options.

Repeat really quickly the benefit of each product and then share the price. Make sure to reiterate ALL the benefits of your product right before mentioning the price.

4. Always have some kind of special or promotion

People love love love to get free stuff. I highly recommend always having some kind of promotion. If your company won’t let you add on free product as an incentive to buy certain kits then you could offer a free coaching session or wellness consult etc…

5. Ask for the sale!

Don’t make it hard for people to purchase.I like to do a pre-ask like “If you were to get this kit or this kit, which one would you get?” Then i’ll say something like “awesome! would you like to get _____ kit and get _____ free today?” Then sit in silence and wait for their answer. Give them space and time to think!

Bonus tip: Always smile!

Happiness and confidence coming from you will aid others to feel confident about making the choice to buy through you.

Here’s to your confidence in helping others transform their lives!