Great Ladies Only Networking App (Prospecting Goldmine!)

Have you heard of Hey! Vina?

It’s basically a Tinder for meeting new like-minded girlfriends in your area. My wife jumped on the app a couple weeks ago and we realized that this is an absolute prospecting GOLD MINE!

Now please remember not to just go jump on people and spam them about your biz opp… Try to build a value based connection and relationship with people before you pitch them. I promise you’ll get way better results AND you won’t ruin the platform. =)

My goal with people I don’t know is either to take them through a funnel online that will educate and inspire them to action OR offline to bring those cold market contacts into my warm market. From there I can evaluate if there is a need and we have that know like and trust factor to where they can feel that i’m not just trying to make money off of them but really serve them (which I know is always your intention… but it doesn’t always feel like it..).

So that’s it for today! If you haven’t already, check out Hey! Vina and start playing around with it!

Here’s to your success!