Why Authenticity Always Wins in Network Marketing

Hello hello friends!

Have anyone ever told you that you have to “fake it till you make it”? This is one of my least favorite sayings in the world of network marketing.

In today’s episode I share my thoughts around the importance of being authentically you and avoiding perfectionism. here are 4 reasons why authenticity always wins!

People want to see the underdog win!

It’s time to re frame your mindset and realize that people want to see YOU win!

Most people who see your imperfections actually find them endearing.

I just spent 12 days in Brazil teaching events in a language that I speak… decently haha. It was amazing to see how the people I was presenting to wanted to help me with the right words. Instead of my imperfections being a stumbling block they actually created engagement in my events and people WANTED to see me win. 😉 Super powerful concept when you understand it.

It’s not about you!

Often when we feel insecure and are hyper concerned about how they look or sound they forget that the focus should be on others.

People don’t really care that much about you. They are wondering what’s in it for them.

My goal in any interaction is to focus on these 3 C’s:


If you can create a quality connection, offer quality info and help people experience some kind of change, you’ll succeed over and over and over.


At the beginning of my network marketing journey I remember hearing our master distributor teach that he often makes mistakes on purpose when presenting so that other people will look at him and think “I could do that” or “If Matt can do it, I definitely could too!”.

People can detect in-authenticity!

People are pretty good at sniffing out when someone is faking their success or belief in what they are talking about. You might think you’re fooling people with your polished presentation or crazy claims but… you’re probably not. 😉

The point is…

The point is, be you! Have courage and speak up before you feel ready. You don’t need to be perfect. People want to see you win and if you’re focused on creating value for them they will be far more open to receiving what you’re offering.

Have an amazing day my friends!