Simplify and Scale For Success in 2018

In today’s skillset conversation I invite you to prepare for the upcoming year by looking back over 2017 and asking yourself a few questions.

What 20% of your efforts have yielded 80% of your results?

There are very likely a few specific activities you do in your business that drive the vast majority of your results.

Today I want to invite you to sit down and analyze what are those areas? Are there specific events you teach? Are there specific leaders you mentor? Is there specific content that you create?

What 20% of your activities are driving 80% of your results?

Getting clear on these activities will empower you to know where to focus your energy in the coming year.

Simplify to scale!

Most people going into the new year want to implement 20 new ideas and start 3 new businesses. Instead of complicating your life, I want to invite you to simplify!

When you simplify your time down into the activities that are producing the greatest results you can much more easily scale those activities. That could be by investing more of your time there, or it could be by duplicating what’s working down into your teammates!

My invitation to you today is to begin to look back in preparation for planning your 2018.

I’ll be launching another episode in December mapping out my detailed strategy for planning a new year. Get excited! 😉

Talk soon!