4 YouTube Ranking Tips For Network Marketers

YouTube is quickly becoming one of my very favorite social media platforms for my network marketing business. By really focusing on two different channels over the last few months i’ve been able to create awesome residual lead flow for my businesses. In many ways YouTube has helped me go from being the hunter to being the hunted. I literally don’t have enough time to follow up with all the leads for my business that flow in because of the content i’ve created for my network marketing content.

What I love about creating content on YouTube is that the lifetime value of a post can literally be years!

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4 Tips for ranking your YouTube Videos:

1. Focus on creating videos around keywords and topics that you KNOW people are actively searching for. Start typing in a phrase into YouTube and see what suggestions come up. These are often the most searched terms that start with that word or phrase.

2. Put your keyword phrase towards the beginning of your title. This one is pretty simple but makes a difference!

3. Put your keyword as well as a handful of variations in tag section when uploading your video. Stick to less than 10 keywords.

4. Make sure you’re creating a long description below each video. Maybe get a transcript from REV.com and include it in your description. Include¬†a few differing keyword variations in your description. Also try to have more youtube links in the description than outbound links.

If you have any questions about using YouTube for success in Network Marketing feel free to reach out to me anytime. I’m such a nerd that I could talk about this stuff all day!