Thoughts On Our Most Recent Rank Advancement

November was a pretty amazing month across multiple businesses over here at the Hall home.

In today’s episode I share my thoughts around our recent rank advancement in our network marketing business. We didn’t actually start out the month with the intention or goal to rank advance but 3 days before the end of the month we realized that with a little bit of extra effort we could make it happen!

Here are two key principles that i’d like to share:

  1. The truth behind breakthroughs¬†is that they typically come as a result of the slight edge and compound affect of actions you’ve taken over years. I love the saying that “it take 10 years on average to make an over night success story”.
  2. Intention without attachment is SO powerful and important for your emotional stability as you build your business. We have been intentionally working towards this goal for multiple years but there have been times when we were also so attached that we ended up discouraged when we didn’t hit it on our desired time line. As you learn to lose attachment while not losing any of your intention or effort, building becomes far more enjoyable and sustainable.

In today’s podcast I dig deeper into these two principles and other¬†principles to help you reach your next rank advancement.

Keep growing!