Planning For an Epic 2018 in Your Network Marketing Business

Are you ready to make 2018 the best year of your life so far? (pretend I just said that in a super cheesy voice… kinda fun┬á­čśä)

I’m really excited to be starting a new tradition of reporting my progress on my yearly goals to YOU my audience on a monthly basis. More about that in a┬ácoming episode!

In today’s episode I share how I approach goal setting before a new year. I’ve talked in past episodes about the difference between outcome goals, performance goals and process goals. But in short, i’m super passionate about helping people understand how to set goals for their daily activity that will help them reach their bigger goals in life.

Too often people set crazy high goals in December or January and by February either feel discouraged or simply forget about them as they fall into the routine of their daily lives. I hope this episode helps you avoid this pattern.

Should you set unrealistic goals or realistic goals?

I’ve received this question in the past and wanted to provide you with a simple formula for that sweet spot. You see you don’t want to set goals that you never reach, our your mind┬ámight┬ánormalize failure. You want to hit your goals consistency so that you gain momentum and belief!

So here’s the formula I learned from my friend Stefan. Try it on..

When looking at a new goal make sure that your desire level to hit that goal is at least a 7-10 out of 10 AND that your belief level is also a 7-10 out of 10 that you can actually achieve it.

You see you need to have a goal of high desire so that it actually motivates you to work hard and commit! But you also need to make sure you have a high belief level that it’s attainable for you. Otherwise you might not be able to maintain your momentum and confidence.

I hope this formula helps you find that sweet spot for your network marketing goals!

How can I stay on track for my goals?

My best advice for those who have a hard time being consistent working towards their goals is to find a way to be accountable and to keep your goals top of mind. My new way is going to be to report back monthly here on the blog/podcast as well as on YouTube where I am at with my goals.

If you want to see my first goals video where I share my personal goals for 2018 you can check it out here:

Go rock your goal setting session my friends!