10 Tips to Rock Your MLM Business on Instagram

There are currently well over 500 million active users on Instagram! Can you believe that? Your target market is definitely waiting to learn about what you have to offer on Instagram. This is a highly visual, interactive platform that I personally LOVE!


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Here are my 10 top tips for marketing your business on Instagram:

1. Make sure you have a picture of YOU as your profile picture.

I see a lot of people who put images of their products as their profile pictures. Realize that if people want to just buy your product they can probably choose from tens of thousands of other accounts promoting what you’re offering. Stand out and let people connect with YOU! Start by making your profile picture a fun engaging picture of you.

2. Provide Value

Instead of constatly pitching your products saying “buy here” or “join my team”, offer people valuable information, inspiration or entertainment.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is so important. People don’t usually decide to buy from you after just seeing one post. They may need to learn 10 different time about what you’re offering before they ever even reach out. Drip on people consistently (I recommend daily) to compress that time frame and keep people interested.

4. Link to a digital or physical giveaway

This is a pro tip for sure! Create a capture page for your bio link where people can get a free digital download or be entered in a giveaway for free product. Email marketing is KING when it comes to converting people to what you’re offering. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to set this all up.

5. Fun powerful bio

Make sure people know from your bio that you’re a leader. Someone who can take care of them. But also make sure it is fun and encourages people to actually reach out. If you’re too corporate professional like you might just intimidate people.

6. Use Hashtags wisely

Hashtags can get you a little extra exposure juice if you use them correnctly. Try to use trending hashtags that are related to your post.

7. Use www.canva.com

Canva is my favorite tool for editing images and adding overlays. Use this tool to create beautiful quotes, add text to your images etc…

8. Use video

Instagram just announced that you can now use videos up to 1 min long on their platform. THIS IS HUGE! If you’re not using video please please start now. It will change the game for you. This is THE BEST way for people to connect with you and feel like they know, like and trust you. If you can’t tell from all the uppercase words, THIS IS THE TIP I THINK IS MOST IMPORTANT!!! =)

9. Create conversation, offer education

Actively reach out to people to start conversations. If you just wait for people comment on your pictures or direct message you, you’ll be waiting for a long time. Don’t just be that fisherman that casts out his net, target specific people that have followed you or seem to like your post and start a conversation with them.

10. Don’t be weird

Just remember that behind each and every screen is a real human being. Don’t be weird. Don’t hard pitch and sell. Just be normal and nice and you’ll see the results! Remember this is a relationships business!