The 3 Stages to Building Your Network Marketing Business Online

Today i’m going to peel back the curtain and share with you the 3 stages that I help Network Marketers go through as they start to take their businesses online.

The truth is that it takes an entirely different set of skills to successfully build your network marketing business online than it does to build it offline. I really recommend mastering both if you want to absolutely crush it! It’s not a one or the other kind of approach in my opinion.

Online-Network-Marketing-Mastery-2 If you want to really go behind the scenes and see every single online strategy i’ve used to sign up people into my personal business become a member of the Online Network Marketing Mastery membership.

This is really the place where I bring full on transparency and share what is and isn’t working for us RIGHT NOW in our business. 😃 👊

Stage 1: Active Strategies – main focus is to start conversations!

When I first start coaching people in social media and online strategies for their network marketing business I generally help them focus on active strategies that are controllable to a large extent, meaning you can control how many conversations you’re having! Here is a quick list of some of these strategies:

Facebook prospecting
Instagram prospecting
Linked In prospecting
Facebook group strategy
Niche Facebook friends list etc…

With these strategies you can to a large extent control how many conversations you’re having on a daily basis. The way I train on these strategies you’re not being pushy, but you’re definitely being active and direct in your approach.

Stage 2: Residual Lead Flow –

Once someone is starting to get results in stage 1 I like to immediately set them up with a content creation game plan using search based platforms so they can start pulling in leads. The goal in this stage is to create content that can be leveraged and discovered for years to come producing a consistent residual lead flow. Common platforms or strategies in this stage include:

YouTube videos
Search based educational platforms such as Udemy, Amazon etc…
Niche Funnels + Paid ads

These strategies are PURE GOLD and you should never stop creating content that serves a specific group educating them on the topic your products provide a solution for.

Stage 3: Personal Branding – Establish yourself as an expert/guide in a specific area

Exploring the first two stages first allows you to explore what you want your personal brand to look like and the exact target market you want to really attract. It gives you experience having conversations that lead to closing new customers/distributors and it hones those new online network marketing skills.

Once you start to get some results from stage 2 I recommend creating a strong strategy for developing a long term personal brand. This includes setting up a website, social media accounts and consistently providing share worthy content to the niche you’ve chosen to serve. Personal branding is what has allowed me to attract real leaders to want to work with us in our business.

Always make sure before doing all the work to create a formal personal brand that you really know what target market you will feel passionate about showing up to serve on a daily or weekly basis. 

To learn more about how we use all 3 of these stages and strategies in our network marketing business and how you can, I highly recommend joining the Online Network Marketing Mastery membership.

If you’re interested in setting up a first in depth coaching strategy session to get my guidance through this process visit my Coaching page.

Here’s to your success online!