Using Booths and Expos to Grow Your MLM Business


Running booths is a great way to build your network marketing business. Not everyone decides to learn this skill and use this resource. But those who do, see great results when they do it right. No matter what company you are a part of, I’m sure there is some kind of event, expo, farmers market or festival who’s attendees would LOVE to learn more about what you have to offer.

There are wedding expos, travel events, fitness expos, health events, baby and children expos, farmers markets, and the list goes on and on and on! These events are perfect for direct sales consultants like us.

If you don’t believe me, look at the results of our last booth experience!

Results of our last booth: 

– 30 new leads 
These were 30 new people that raised their hands and said “please send me more info on your products!”
– 20 event attendees 
These were 20 people we had never met who basically said “I want to come to your next home event to learn more so I can decide what I want to buy!”
– 4 home event hostesses booked
These were 4 people that essentially said “I would love to invite my friends and family so you can teach them about your products, in exchange for a couple free products!”

Do you think our 3 hours at that event were well spent? Yes! =)
And you can get the exact same results. It’s really not rocket science.


8 TIps to run a successful booth promoting your MLM / Direct Sales products

Tip 1 – Display matters… but not a ton

Having a beautiful display is nice, but it’s not the most important thing for you to stress about. We’ve run very successful booths where all we had was a table, table cloth, one banner and our products. If you can, try to have a pretty banner to draw attention to your booth, but don’t spend hundreds of dollars setting up the most beautiful display in the beginning. The most important display feature is your products! Make sure to let people sample your products right there at the table!

Tip 2 – Be a fisherman and keep that line in the water!

Don’t wait for people to come to your table. Get out in front of the booth and ask engaging questions with a happy smiling face like “hey have you heard of ______?”. Start the conversation and then pull people over to your table to show them your products.

Tip 3 – Make quality connections! 

Some people race around trying to pull in as many leads as they can and talk to as many people as possible. Before you take this approach remember that you are in a relationships business! Try to connect with a good number of people, but focus on creating quality connections! That’s where the magic will happen. That’s when your booth will lead you to potential future builders of your network marketing business. Get the numbers, but lean more into quality than quantity.

Tip 4 – Get THEIR info, don’t use business cards!!!

Has anyone called you back after you gave them a business card? Seriously I don’t know why people use these things anymore. You DO NOT want them to have the ball in their court. Collect THEIR info and follow up with them. If you even have business cards there as an option, people will take it and say “i’ll just contact you”. Even if they are sincere they will forget.. You won’t, so make sure to have fun ways to pull in peoples info and that brings us to our next tip…

Tip 5 – Run a giveaway for some free product or a consultation 

Running a giveaway is an amazing way to collect peoples info. We use a form that gets their info and has three boxes they can check depending on their interest:
1. I would like to learn more about _____ products?
2. I would be interested in becoming a hostess to get _______ for free?
3. I would like to learn more about becoming a _____ educator to supplement or replace my income.

***Pro tip: After you’re done talking with the person, write some notes about them on the back of their drawing entry form so you can remember the details of your conversation. 

Tip 6 – Have follow up events ALREADY on the schedule

Don’t just tell them you have events regularly. Have them sign up to come to a specific event. Commit them to the date and time and then follow up later!

Tip 7 – Focus on long term rather than the one time retail sale

If you’ve been in this game for more than a week you understand that the magic happens at events! Sure it’s okay to sell a retail product here or there, but focus on getting people out to events so they can get truly educated and commit to a lifestyle change! One product sold one time won’t change their life or yours. They need to get a kit and commit to a lifestyle shift. That is MUCH more likely to happen at an event.

Tip 8 – The fortune is in the follow up! 

It may take 4, 6, 8, even 12 exposures before someone decides to purchase your products! Make sure that you commit to good follow up. This is where 95% of your booths results will be seen!

BONUS TIP – Prospect other vendors! 

Think about this… There is one thing you already know about the other vendors there at the event. They are already entrepreneurial!!! We always like to connect and make friends with the other vendors. Sometimes we even do a special vendor giveaway (which they have a higher chance of winning) just for the vendors at the event.

Awesome! I hope these tips are helpful for you and you rock your next event!
Call to action – go on google today and search for 3 events in your area and contact them about setting up a booth.

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