Why Am I Making My Goals Public?

I’ve decided to do something new in 2018 and report my progress on my yearly goals online. There are 2 main reasons why i’ve decided to bring this level of transparency.

  1. I really believe in the importance of accountability and regularly checking in on where you’re at with your goals. By making this monthly goals report a regular ritual, i’ll be held accountable by you guys as well as frequently re-visiting my goals to make sure i’m on track.
  2. My other reason is that I hope that by documenting the process of hitting some of my goals as well as coming up short sometimes, that you’ll be inspired to reach for higher aspirations yourself and constantly commit to improving yourself over time.

Want to learn more about my goal setting process and criteria? Check out Episode 179 of the podcast to learn how to set great goals and set yourself up for success in 2018.

I’d love to hear in the comments below this post what your thoughts are about me documenting all of this for you. If you feel it serves you in someway, I’ll keep doing it in future months and years ahead.

Financial Goals

I will easily make $200,000 in revenue while impacting thousands of peoples lives before Dec 31st.

This is a goal I had set for 2017 and did not achieve. I’m excited to reach and exceed it in 2018! My income is made up of several revenue streams the main of which are:

I will easily invest on a monthly basis into our family freedom fund. 

I’m loving the process of studying and implementing investment strategies and will probably create content on my investment strategies in the future. For now I have the goal to invest on a monthly basis into our family freedom fund.

Business Goals

We will easily rank advance in my business before Dec 31st 2018

To advance to the next rank in our comp plan we will likely need to almost double our monthly volume from 2017 as well as build a new personal enrolled leader to a significant leadership rank in our company. All other main legs will also need significant growth. Wahoo let’s go!

We will personally sign up 150 people into our network marketing business before Dec 31st 2018 and love the process of serving these individuals. 

In both 2016 and 2017 we signed up 100+ people into our network marketing business. This year I want to push that goal to 150 people. We are able to sign up so many new customers and builders each year in large part because of the time we’ve invested in building using the online strategies that I teach over at Online Network Marketing Mastery.

We will easily win our companies 2019 incentive trip before the end of 2018. 

Each year our network marketing company has an incentive trip that you can win based off your personal production during the year. I will let you all know where the destination is as soon as it’s announced. =)

I will easily become a “Founder” of the Brazil market for our network marketing company before Dec 31st 2018.

Each time our company launches into a new international market they have a founders club opportunity where you can earn a percentage of the markets sales for being one of the first to reach the leadership ranks in that market. I’ve been investing a lot of time and energy into building a team in Brazil even before it officially opens. The market is set to open in 2018 and I have the goal to secure one of the founder positions. I lived in Brazil for 2 years in the past doing mission work. I love the people and feel a calling to not only transform their lives with my companies products but also to lift thousands of people out of poverty.

I will easily launch an affiliate program for my Online Network Marketing Mastery membership before Dec 31st 2018.

I created the Online Network Marketing Mastery membership to document my successes and failures while using social media strategies to build our network marketing business. There are currently distributors from well over a dozen different companies represented in the membership. I’ve had many requests to create an affiliate program so that current members can get a financial kickback for inviting others from their teams or company into the membership. My goal is to create this program before the end of 2018.

I will easily redesign the Online Network Marketing Mastery membership before Dec 31st 2018.

I’ve updated and added so much into the Online Network Marketing Mastery membership that the sales pages and videos only currently show about 30% of the content already in the membership. This year I will update the sales pages, webinars and videos to show off the membership in all of it’s current glory.

I will easily create 12 new in depth trainings, 12 new interviews and 2 new detailed funnel case studies for Online Network Marketing Mastery before Dec 31st 2018.

One of the biggest benefits of the membership is that there is new content every month sharing what’s working in our business and the businesses of others right now. I’m committed to the promise i’ve made to my members to create new content for them on a monthly basis.

I will easily create two new courses for Network Marketers on Udemy by Dec 31st 2018.

Towards the end of 2017 I launched a course on Udemy. Within 2 months it became the top selling course within the Network Marketing category. CLICK HERE if you want to check out the course for a 50% discount.

In 2018 I want to create two new low ticket courses on the platform to benefit those students on an even deeper level.

I will easliy earn the free Clickfunnels car for helping network marketers use the software Clickfunnels to build their businesses by Dec 31st 2018. 

The main software tool I use to create funnels, webinars, landing pages etc… is called Clickfunnels (check out their free 14 day trial). I think every network marketer should be using this tool as well as benefiting from their awesome 40% reoccurring commission affiliate program. They also have a pretty sweet Dream Car Program that I plan to win in 2018.

I love that affiliate marketing is so complimentary to network marketing. By referring others in and outside of my team to use certain products I am able to help them create ever better results in their business as well as create another residual stream of income. Watch this video if you want to learn how to create a significant income promoting Clickfunnels.

I will easily create an epic new resource page on my website by Dec 31st 2018.

I already have a resource page on my website but am wanting to create the most epic resource page in all the network marketing land. This will be completed before Dec 31st 2018.

I will easily book and complete 2 new photo shoots for my personal brand by Dec 31st 2018. 

The visual appeal of content online matters. Period. This may seem like an arbitrary goal but for me it’s something I know is important and yet is nowhere within my normal nature to execute on, so i’m setting this goal to commit to 2 new photo shoots for my brand in 2018.

I will easily create 100 new videos, have 2000 subscribers and 100,000 views (from 2018) on my YouTube channel before Dec 31st 2018.

YouTube is a big focus for me in 2018. I plan to upload at least 100 videos and bring huge value on the platform to attract a larger audience and get people results in their businesses. CLICK HERE to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe for great free training!

I will easily have 5,000 likes on my business Facebook page and 10,000 followers on Instagram .

I haven’t been hugely focused on these accounts ( I mainly have used my biz Facebook page for ads) but I plan to double down on my consistency with both my Facebook Page and my Instagram Account in 2018 to attract a larger audience and serve my current followers even more.

Relationships & Fun Goals

I will easily take Seantay on 2 Epic dates per month during 2018. 

My relationship with Seantay is hands down my top priority in life. I will take her out on two unique and fun dates each month so we can continue to nurture our relationship.

Our family will go on 2 family adventures per month during 2018. 

Being that both Seantay and I work from home we’ve found it’s super important to schedule fun outings with our kids. If we don’t schedule these family adventures it’s easy to just stay at home a lot.

Send 2 spontaneous gifts to team members or friends each month during 2018. 

Outside of some recognition stuff we like to do we want to send out 2 spontaneous and random gifts to people on our team or friends to show them how much we appreciate our connection.

I will easily travel to Hawaii, Brazil, London, Paris and take one spontaneous trip with Seantay by Dec 31st 2018.

Travel is one of my passions. Outside of business trips I have the goal to visit the countries listed above with Seantay (some with our kids as well). For me travel is not only a ton of fun but also motivating, inspiring and hugely educational.

For the spontaneous trip, we are subscribed to Scotts Cheap Flights and love getting the daily deals he tracks down. It makes travel seem so much more accessible! We’ll be taking advantage of one of these random flight deals as it pops up this year.

Health & Fitness Goals

I will easily run a half marathon by Dec 31st 2018. 

Running is something I love to do casually. Seantay talked me into training with her and running a half marathon with her this year and i’m excited to accomplish the goal!

I will easily practicing yoga 1 time per week to increase flexibility and emotional control during 2018.

I’ve loved inching my way into a regular yoga practice over the years inspired by my yoga teaching wife Seantay Hall. When I practice yoga regularly I feel stronger and more flexible in my body and mind.

I will easily drop down to 195lbs w/ 18% body fat by Dec 31st 2018. 

At the time of writing this goal I weigh 205lbs w/ 25% body fat. 2 months ago I was at 219 lbs w/ 26% body fat.

I feel confident that as I continue to eat well, exercise regularly and take the right supplements i’ll easily be able to reach this goal.

I will easily purchase and complete a genetics test before Dec 31st 2018. 

I’ve had several friends and family members take genetics tests to map out their predispositions as well as trace their ancestry. I’m excited to purchase and complete one of these tests in 2018.

Personal Development Goals

I will easily read 12 new Books before Dec 31st 2018. 

This year I have the goal to read 12 new personal development books. One per month. I’m still deciding which books i’ll be reading which months but here’s the list for now:

Jan – Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson (grab this book while it’s free!)
Feb – Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk
Mar – Ask by Ryan Levesque
Apr –
May –
Jun –
Jul –
Aug –
Sept –
Oct –
Nov –
Dec –

Attend 2 training events before Dec 31st 2018.

Events are one of the most powerful ways to level up in your knowledge, commitment and motivation. I plan to attend 2 different personal development / business related events this year outside of my NM companies convention and leadership events.

I will easily invest in and complete 2 new online courses to develop my skills and learn along with those who follow me by Dec 31st 2018. 

I already have a good idea of which 2 courses I want to take and focus on this year and will give more details as the year progresses.

I will easily complete 15 Chinese lessons per month on Duo Lingo to improve my Chinese by Dec 31st 2018. 

I currently speak fluent English and Portuguese and have the goal to learn Chinese (Seantay speaks Chinese very well). Duo Lingo is a free app that makes it fun to learn new languages and i’m super excited they just recently launched Chinese.


I will easily attend church each week with my family during 2018. 

Seantay and I are both deeply rooted in spiritual practices including attending church once per week and plan to continue this weekly ritual as a family.

I would love to hear your feedback in a comment below!

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