Using Masterminds to Support Your Team and Grow Personally


Masterminds are an amazing tool! If you’re not already involved in one then feel free to scroll to the end of this post to join one of ours.

Masterminds are a great way to get ideas flowing, create accountability, and get coaching from leaders in the same space as you.


3 Types of Masterminds you should think about participating in or creating

1. A mastermind with the top producers in YOUR Network Marketing organization

Starting a mastermind group with the top leaders on your team is a great way to feed your leaders with positivity, give them access to high level ideas and a creative envronment, and to create an extra layer of accountability. We like to connect every week in an online mastermind using Zoom (click here to see a video of me unboxxing zoom and showing how you can use it).

2. A mastermind with people in other network marketing companies

A mastermind with people outside of your company can be invaluable! I definitely recommend that if you’re still in the beginning stages of your business, that you focus all your personal development time absorbing your companies training content. That will be the best advice to help you get started!

But if you’re looking to expand your skills, strategies and get some creative ideas. Participating in a mastermind with people outside of your company can be SO powerful. I’m a part of a paid mastermind currently and the idea flow has been amazing.

3. A mastermind with people outside of network marketing

Participating in a mastermind with people that are not even in network marketing or multilevel marketing can also be really powerful. If there are people that have skills that you want to acquire, say in sales, public speaking, investing, online marketing etc a multi skilled mastermind can be very powerful. A mastermind could be your chance to skip the learning curve and learn from people making it happen in an area you want to explore but know little about.


Paid vs Free Mastermind?

Personally I am in both, but I always believe that when there is money invested, things are taken more seriously.


A great format for your mastermind


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