Master The Skill of Mentoring Your MLM Team Builders

This is such a valuable skill to learn and you can honestly listen to me and read this post to get some ideas but you will grow into a great mentor over time. In the beginning you might like I did, ask yourself “Who am to be a mentor?”. That oh so familiar Impostor syndrome kicks in as we doubt our own worth and value. I want you to know that right now, exactly as you are, you can be a great mentor to every kind of person on your team. I’m going to give you a structure that you can follow in your mentoring sessions that we leave you with a clear path to move forward in this role.

The main goals of mentoring are to offer motivation, accountability and to teach new skills to your builders. As you’re stepping into the role of supporting a team you’re going to want to set up a system. For us, we get on the phone every single week with our most active builders and at least once or twice a month with each builder that we have personally enrolled onto our team. Then we have our builders do the same thing with their builders and support is filtered down powerfully.

If you feel like you don’t really know what to cover in your mentoring calls, here is an outline that will really help you out:

Great Outline For Mentoring With Your Builders:

  1. Celebrate Victories – Ask what is going right? Who is doing great? What prospects are you excited about? Recognize them if they enrolled someone new that week! Celebrate the wins they had. If you skip this step, you’ll no longer feel like the friend that you’re meant to be as their leader. Remember this is a relationships business. People LOVE to be showered in praise so let the compliments flow (naturally of course.. don’t get weird on them haha).
  2. Work Through Challenges or Blocks – You can then ask them questions like “What is your biggest obstacle right now in your business?” or “Is there anywhere in your business that you’re feeling stuck?” Then you get to coach them through some of their limiting beliefs or blocks. If you want to learn a really effective way to help people overcome their limiting beliefs you can check out this free webinar. Practice asking powerful open ended questions, the answers are always within the mentee! So help them dig within themselves for answers instead of just throwing ideas and advice at people. If you help THEM find the solution to their problem they are way more likely to take action, than if you just tell them what to do, feel or be.
  3. Accountability – This is the section where you get their numbers! Focus on activity more than results and celebrate them for the action that they DID take! Activity will anticipate FUTURE results, so if their numbers don’t align with their goals for growth. Clarify expectations and help them see a clear path towards getting waht they want. Help them see that this action will help them get to their WHY or purpose for building. Remember the most important numbers to ask about are I, P and E of the PIPES. How many people did they Invite? Present to? Enroll?
  4. Set Goals for next week – This is where you get them excited for their next week with a clear game plan they can be accountable for. Set new number goals as well as goals to reach out to specific people or do specific personal development be that reading, watching a video training, attending an event etc…


3 Principles a Great Mentor Should Live By:

  1. Believe in the Mentee – See their potential and express it so clearly they begin to see it in themselves.
  2. Ask Good questions and LISTEN – Always remember that the answers are already within people. Your job is to help them pull those answers out.
  3. Lead by example – At the end of the day people will follow your FEET not your LIPS. So show them with your actions what they should be doing to grow their business. =)


Happy Mentoring! Leave a comment below with your favorite tip and what you plan to implement moving forward!

PS Check out this free audio training on the 6 core beliefs that you’re going to need to master to rise through the ranks in your company: