Using To Build Your Network Marketing Business

This episode is short and sweet but if you haven’t ever joined a meet up group on this is a great way to make new friends that have similar interests as you. Obviously building a network marketing business you can benefit a ton from growing your network! Now just to be clear, i’m not advocating that you go and join a bunch of groups and show up to pitch people your products.

As a network marketer I consider myself a professional friend finder. There will obviously be opportunities to naturally share what you do and offer as you make connections with quality connections with people.

There are groups for; moms that want to walk together, exercise, playing board games, entrepreneurship, hiking, mediation and much much more.

I also definitely recommend that you set up your own meetup group around a topic that fits well with your products or opportunity


Call to action: Hop on today and join or start a meetup group today! =)