Intention Without Attachment

In this episode of the podcast I share some insight into the idea of not being overly emotionally attached to the outcome of any give action you take in your life. This is huge for you in your business. When we’re overly attached to something, our approach will look or feel different. JustĀ for a second make a fist with your hand and squeeze tightly. If you do this you’ll notice that there is not only tension in your hand but all through your arm, maybe even in your face! Pretty interesting right?

Well if you’re gripping tightly to a potential outcome you want, sometimes it can come across in your approach. For example if you’re attached to the outcome of someone signing up at the end of your event, you might end up pressuring them or just turning them off with your needy body language. When you have a pure intention but without being attached you’re able to show up in power and grace instead of scarcity and need. Experiment with this over the next week. Get very clear about your INTENTION before an event or personal invite or something you’re doing in your business, but if it doesn’t go the way you want, practice being unattached. It can be hard in the beginning, but when you master this dance you’ll feel so free and powerful emotionally.

Sometimes we are overly attached to a potential outcome, other times we are just overly attached to THE WAY we want that outcome to come to us. When you detach yourself you might just find that there are ways you could innovate and get the result you want even faster. Listen to the full episode for examples.. =)

Keep rockin life!