Body Language Tips For Power Presenting in Network Marketing


As network marketers we do a lot of presenting! You might present in a home event, a one-on-one setting, hotel event, webinar or any number of other settings. Mastering your body is a huge part of becoming a powerful presenter.

Studies show that our INFLUENCE when communicating can be broken down into three categories. Check this out:
57% of what we communicate is communicated with physical gestures!
36% is communicated through our tonality when speaking.
And only 7% of our influence when communicating comes through our words.
Crazy right?!

Does that blow you away?! Add that to the fact that studies shows that people can decide if they will or will not buy from someone in the first 4 SECONDS of meeting them, and I think you’ll agree with me that our body language is pretty important! And yet when we are preparing for events we usually spend the majority of our time preparing for the WORDS we are going to SAY. Isn’t that crazy?

Now i’m not saying to not prepare what you are going to say at an event, I just want to stress the importance of also taking the time to master your physiology both before and during your network marketing presentation. So here are 5 tips to start you down the journey of becoming a power presenter with your body language.

Tip 1: Keep both feet planted firmly on the ground facing forward.

Tip 2: Keep your weight distributed evenly between your two legs.

Tip 3: Get big with your arm gestures (avoid T-Rex arms)

Tip 4: Have good eye contact and connect with specific people.

Tip 5: Don’t move around too much or fidget.


Call to action: Start to become aware of your body. Watch yourself and consciously choose to USE your physiology to change your state and impact others in a positive way.

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Body Language for Entrepreneurs


Happy presenting!

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