Using Webinars To Rock Your MLM Business Online

Webinars are hands down one of the best ways to create scale and leverage in your business. It’s a way for you to present to a large number of people no matter where in the world they are located! Technology continues to improve at such a rapid rate. I love it =)

In this episode of the podcast I explain how I use the two different webinar platforms in the tutorials below, as well as a few tips for how to run effective webinars for your business.

How to Use Google Hangouts On Air For Your Network Marketing Webinars

How to Use For Your Network Marketing Webinars

5 Tips to remember when running your webinar:

1. Provide pure value for 80-90% of the webinar

People come onto a webinar because they want to be educated, not because they want to buy something. Keep your message educationally focused. Now, you don’t need to over complicate your presentation with a ton of science and statistics but sharing a little of that, along with real life stories will leave your audience feeling glad they came on to watch.

2. Give people a quick win

One of the best ways you can show people that you can help them, is to actually help them. =) Ask yourself, what simple to implement tip could I share around my product niche topic that people could implement and be impacted by even if they didn’t buy my products. Giving people quick wins will solidify in their minds that you’re someone they want to learn more from.

3. Why, How, Buy

A simple flow for your presentation could be to share info and reasons why the topic is so important (be that weight loss, wellness, detoxing, skin care etc…), how your companies products fill a gap in the marketplace or solve a problem for people, then how to buy them and get the best deal.

4. Tell your story

Don’t ever give a presentation without sharing your story. Remember the mantra ‘facts tell, stories sell’. If you don’t know how to effectively craft and share your personal story check out episode 11 of the podcast on How To Tell Your Story To Recruit Like a Rockstar in MLM.

5. Live testimonials about your MLM products

Both Google Hangouts on Air and zoom will allow you to have other presenters on the webinar. Reading a product or business testimonial would be good, but getting a few people to share live is absolutely powerful!


Okay my friends, good luck running your next webinar! If you have any questions for me just leave a comment here in the blog post.