Crush The Excuse “I Can’t Build Network Marketing Without My Spouse”

All the way back in Episode 1 of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast we started this conversation about how to overcome our self limiting beliefs.

I recently read an article in a network marketing leadership magazine that shared the stories of several people who were building their business, even thought the majority people would make excuses about how much harder it would be in those same circumstances.

Always remember that no matter your excuse circumstance, there is someone out there who has it the same or worse and is succeeding despite those circumstances!!! 

So you really have no excuse…

Here are a couple stories of people rocking their businesses without a spouse involved at all:

Kaitlyn –
“[Network Marketing] is the best job for a stay-at-home mom. Most of the time my business and my time with my kids don’t compete – they meld together seamlessly. When I had my baby last year, I took the month off and I still made money through my unilevel. My husband is in the Air Force and he’s gone a lot. I can take breaks to take care of my kids while he is gone serving overseas and work harder when he is home to help me. This job is perfect for a military wife as well. Military wives struggle finding jobs and moving up the corporate ladder because we move every two to four years (I’ve lived in four states in the last year). [Network Marketing] is a great way to stay out of that cycle. My business goes wherever I go.


Shannon –
My spouse is legally blind and disabled with physical and mental illness. While he is supportive and loves the products, he cannot participate in the business. There is always time to work [network marketing], even with a blind husband and five kids. Working [network marketing] has brought our family out of government assistance. After having to work two jobs for four years, I have been able to quit both. One of my favorite moments was when I received a letter that we no longer qualified for food stamps. We have been able to stop the cycle of generational poverty in our family. This business has created opportunities for us that I never thought were possible. This business is not easy, but it’s worth it!


Amy –
I am currently working a 40-hour-a-week job, along with being a mother and wife and growign a business. It is difficult at times as my job tends to pull so much of my time. But, I have been able to grow and build a solid team under me. I have an amazing husband and parents who are all my village to help raise my son and daughter. I am willing to sacrifice short-term time with my family to grow my business so that someday I can be home with them full time for the first time ever in my life.


Danielle –
I am an attorney and sacrifices have to be made when i’m working, building a business, and raising my family. I am not at every game, but I am at some games. My husband and I communicate clearly with our boys about what I am doing and why I am doing it. I try to incorporate [my business] authentically into everything I do. It’s really not as much about balance as about finding opportunity. You don’t have time, you make time. Instad of saying “I am too busy,” for anything in life, substitute, “This is not a priority for me.” That’s more honest and accurate. If it feels right, you’ve got your priorities right.

Decide today to flip your excuses and use your circumstances as your FUEL for success, not as an excuse NOT to have success.

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