Reading Your Prospects Body Language – For Network Marketers

Learning how to observe your prospects body language is super powerful for anyone in network marketing. Really it’s powerful for anyone in sales! Here’s why: When you can really key into someones body language, you are keying into the unspoken words that are running through their minds. Often times you are discovering how they are feeling under the surface and with that extra information you can serve them on a deeper level!

In this post I’m going to share just a very brief summary of what I shared in the podcast. Make sure to listen to the episode and if you’re interested in really mastering these concepts I recommend this course below. It’s super cheap and was a real game changer for me when it came to wanting to master this topic:


So here below I’m going to share a couple practical tips that you can implement right now in reading your prospects body language and serving them on a deeper level according to their needs:

Tip #1 – Go to the most “open” person first when it’s time to close the class.

Obviously the most open person in the room is the most likely to sign up and buy your products. Watching for open body language and helping them get started first, can drastically shift the energy come closing time and you’ll see it ripple out to help others get over that buying fear.

Tip #2 – Watch Your Prospects Eye Movements and Give Them More of What They Need

Our eyes tend to go up when we’re thinking right? But did you know that often they go up and to the right or up and to the left? These mean two very different things. Science has looked at the brain and which sides of the brain are being activated during these moments and here’s what we know:

Looking up and to the right – means someone is imagining, engaging their creative brain or envisioning something. If you see someone doing this, feed their imagination. Ask them question, share testimonials and help them envision their lives with your product or opportunity.

Looking up and to the left – means a more linear thought process, facts, statistics, logic etc… If you see someone doing this, be sure to make sure they get the information they need to make an educated decision. Give them the statistics, the facts and the numbers. =)


Tip #3 Watch for microexpressions of fear, happiness, disgust, surprise etc…

Understanding these micro-expressions is the most powerful thing I learned from the course above. I’m not even going to try to explain them as well as she does. Just check out the course and you can learn these! It helps a ton to see her actually show you this stuff on video.

Tip # 4 – Watch For Feet Pointing Towards The Door

This is a clear signal that the person is ready to leave or wants to go. Another signal could be if the person is playing with their keys in hand. In this situation, quickly set up a time to follow up with them and then send them off. People will feel like you’re supporting them. They might have to pick up a child from a baby sitter, or kids off to bed etc… If you try to keep them engaged, your words will go in one ear and out the other.


I hope these tips were helpful for you guys! If you want to go deeper, check out the Body Language For Entrepreneurs course above. I think you’ll really love it.