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In today’s video I share 3 specific ways that I incorporate affiliate marketing into my personal brand and network marketing business strategy.

This video is not an affiliate marketing vs network marketing video. My network marketing business is currently my main focus and my personal brand as well as my affiliate marketing strategies ultimately exist to serve my network marketing business while diversifying and creating additional income streams at the same time.

The best 3 affiliate marketing strategies for network marketers:

1. Recommending tools that I currently use in my business to others who would benefit from using them as well.

Examples of tools I use to help in building my personal brand and network marketing business online that I also earn an affiliate income from:

Email service provider to build an email list, send newsletters to my team etc:
They pay a 30% monthly commission on each person you refer.

Landing page and Funnel builder:
Clickfunnels pays a 40% monthly commission.

Website hosting:
They pay $60 per referral.

Website theme:
I use the Divi them personally. They pay a 50% commission per sale.

Amazon’s affiliate program
Let’s say I wanted to recommend Eric Worre’s Go Pro book for people starting out on their network marketing journey. I could use an amazon link like this:
Amazon pays anywhere from 4%-8% depending on how much you’re referring to their site. Typical is 4%.

2. Reviewing complimentary or competing products on a blog, youtube video, social media etc…

As an example of this strategy you could a YouTube video comparing your network marketing companies product to a competing product. Either product the watcher decides to buy will actually result in either a sale for your business or an affiliate commission. If you don’t know if a product has an affiliate opportunity just go to their website and look for “affiliates” or “partners” in the footer of their site. If they don’t have a program check to see if their product is on Amazon and you can use the Amazon Associates program.

3. Recommending educational products

Each year I dive deep into 2 or 3 different courses for my personal development and to learn new skills. The latest course I took is the Perfect Webinar course by Russell Brunson:

If someone on my team wants to build their network marketing business online, mastering webinars is one of the most valuable skills they can learn! I would recommend this course anyway to that person! I might as well make the 40% commission that comes along with it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning these three ways that I incorporate affiliate marketing into my personal branding and network marketing strategy.
If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!