Wabi Sabi – The Truth Is Good Enough

When I first heard about this concept of Wabi Sabi design and the mindset behind it, I was deeply impacted.

That sounds a little weird to read as i’m reading over this post, but I can’t think of a better way to say it.

Wabi Sabi in the Japanese aesthetics as well as the mindset, focuses on the acceptance of imperfection and even the beauty in things that are asymmetrical, simple, rough etc… In modern culture we tend to have perfectly shaped furniture, home decorations, even Pinterest walls.

Here are a couple examples I found, doing a quick google search, of wabi sabi design in homes.

The Truth is Good Enough When Promoting Your MLM

In the network marketing world it’s far too common to stretch the truth about product claims or financial earnings. the core message I want to share with you is that the truth really is good enough. If you have a product that people are buying, aka it is already proven in the market place, you don’t need to over hype your message. In fact, if you do, it will actually push people away.

Growing movement towards authenticity

Have you felt thisĀ general shift that is happening in society? Because we live in an over perfectionistic world, people are starting to really appreciate and actually CRAVE honesty and authenticity.

As you share your products and talk about your opportunity, be genuine, be passionate, but also be realistic and honest in all that you do. This will attract people to you that will be loyal, true fans of your products, and set up for success as they start to grow themselves.

Stay Authentic and stay true!

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