Funnel Ideas to Help You Build Your MLM Online

In this episode of the podcast you’ll learn about some great resources to help you take your business online. I’m also going to dig into specific examples of funnels that you could set up depending on the niche of your MLM products.

But First.. Let’s talk about the value of an email list

Your email list is going to be your second greatest asset as you build your business online… What’s your first? Well obviously it’s the people who have already joined you as customers or distributors.

But the REASON why your email list is so powerful is that as you build your list you have an easy way to communicate in an intimate way with people that have already told you they are interested in what you have to offer!

Real life example from our business:

One of our lists currently has about 4000 people on it that have opted in for a free gift that is targeted very specifically to our MLM companies products. Every single week we send out valuable education to this group of people! Every week they become more educated and bigger fans of what we share with them.

Then about once a month or so we send out some kind of promotion or incentive for people to get started with our products. Without fail, every single time we send out that monthly message we get a new sign up in our business. Pretty powerful right?!

And that’s just monetizing with our MLM products. We also make right around $100 every month from this list as we review and recommend different amazon products (more training on how to do this well at!

Example of a successful MLM funnel

***UPDATE – The day after I recorded this video I saw that the same lady actually placed another order of above $200. So that added $40 to our ROI. Pretty fun stuff =)

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Here are some MLM funnel ideas you could set up depending on your product niche

***Disclaimer: These are only ideas, and I obviously can’t guarantee they will work for you. This exercise is meant to get your mind into a creative state to start thinking of ideas like this for YOUR business. YOUR message will be unique, creative and compelling to your target audience.


Weight Loss Funnel Idea:


Free Giveaway: You could first have them opt in with their name and email on a lead page to join a “FREE online weight loss accountability group”. Then in your first email you send them the private facebook group link. Then…
Valuable Education: In the group you could host exercise challenges, have accountability partners, post daily tips (not related to your network marketing products), and then…
Conversion Tool: Twice a month or once a week host a webinar about cleansing or some other topic that your MLM products serve. Spend 80-90% of the time educating them on the subject and spend 15-20 minutes at the end offering your products for sale with some kind of “fast action” gift or incentive for singing up that day.
Sale: Obviously you want the products you offer to be in alignment with the education on the webinar and the overall purpose of your facebook group.
Follow up: Once the sale has happened you can schedule more emails to educate them about your products and really help them adopt a lifestyle change. They will also obviously get further follow up through your facebook group. If they don’t buy your products on the spot, you’ll also have their facebook info to follow up, answer their questions and help them take the next step if they are ready.

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Essential Oils Funnel Idea:


Capture info: You could start by having people opt-in on a lead page with their name and email to register for a webinar that you run using Zoom or Google Hangouts on Air
Valuable Education:
You could then educate them on the webinar about “Back to School Essential Oils” or whatever topic you want to cover.
Conversion Tool: Like in the example above you could then spend the last 15-20 minutes telling them about a specific kit of oils that you put together that is perfect for parents with kids going back to school. 
Sale: Make sure to customize your offer to match the topic that you’ve been teaching about. 
Follow up: Following this example you’d then have their name and email to follow up with whoever did not buy on the webinar, offer them more valuable information over time and help them get started down the road when they are ready!


Travel Company Funnel Idea:


Free Giveaway: A great free giveaway could be a 4 part video series on ways to save money while traveling the world.
Valuable Education: With their email address you could then send them third different videos giving different tips not related to your company and then in the fourth you could tell them about your travel club and maybe even invite them on to a webinar to learn more!
Conversion Tool: Either use the fourth video or invite them from the fourth video onto a live webinar to educate them further and sell them your travel club or products.
Sale: Obviously your product would fit perfectly in with the topic of saving money on travel!
Follow up: Having people opt in to your video series you’ll then be able to continue to follow up with those that buy and those that don’t and help them take the next step!


MLM Opportunity Funnel Idea:

Ad: Use facebook ad targeting to target people that are currently nurses but have also shown interest in entrepreneurship (learn how to do this effectively at
Free Giveaway:
Have people opt in to learn how “John transitioned out of being a nurse and into full time entrepreneurship.
Valuable Education: Serve with a pdf, video testimonial, webinar etc… 
Sale: Then invite them to go into business for themselves but not by themselves by partnering up with John, you and other entrepreneurs successfully helping people in _____ area. 
Follow up: In this scenario I would make the main goal to get the person to book a 15 minute phone consultation to see if this opportunity is right for them and their situation. This will give YOU control of the conversation and allow you to customize your approach to their needs.

  • Remember that it’s always important when talking about your business opportunity to avoid income claims. Instead focus on how the income has changed your life or the persons life you are highlighting. Remember that you don’t even have to have a personal success story to use this technique! You can highlight your upline or someone else in your company! No income claims.

Makeup Company Funnel Idea:


Free Giveaway: Something as simple as opting in for monthly “top quality makeup products discounts” could be a powerful way to build a list of people interested in makeup.
Valuable Education: When people opt in to your list you could have 12 pre written emails that you have Aweber send out every 2 or 3 days automatically, educating your subscribers about the importance of organic makeup, or about whatever your special features are. =)
Conversion Tool: Every three or four emails, you could offer them a chance to get on a reoccurring or pre recorded webinar to learn more about what you’ve taught them in the emails.
Sale: On the webinar keep your message consistent with your emails and passionately show people how to take the next step in getting your products.
Follow up: You can schedule follow up emails to send out automatically after your webinar if you choose.

  • Another great funnel idea for makeup could be to have people opt in to a private community (facebook group) where you do weekly tutorials, monthly webinars etc… similar to weight loss. Engage people, having them post pictures of their makeup to review each other etc… =)



If you can’t tell from the length of this post, I really enjoy brainstorming these ideas and helping network marketers learn these new skills. If you read this far, I would love to hop on a totally free15 min phone call with you to brainstorm a funnel that could work for your niche and your personality. I’m all about the customization fun =)
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