Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage – Review and 7 Top Lessons Learned

Whether you are a newbie to network marketing or a seasoned veteran, this book needs to be on your wishlist. It teaches the importance of looking at your own actions, controlling what you can, and the art of creating duplication in your organization. Believe it or not, you taking care of you, is gong to do more for your team than you taking care of them.

You’ll notice that your teams activity does usually does not follow what you tell them to do, but what YOU yourself are doing. People tend to follow your feet not your lips. =)

Below you’ll find my top 7 take aways from this time around reading the book. If you haven’t already read Randy Gage’s description of his own book, check it out here:


Making the First Circle Work – by Randy Gage

7 Lessons I learned from Making The First Circle Work by Randy Gage

1. Focus on the 7 skills in episode 2 of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast

Remember that people follow your feet not your lips! If you are out there DOING the actions you wish your team members were doing, you’ll see duplication unfold. Focus your actions and your teaching on the 7 skills found in the Go Pro book.

2. Start and end every day with positive programing

As you go throughout your day you’re bound to encounter some negativity from people. It happens to all of it. Your ability to move forward and not let the negativity of others affect you, comes down to your emotional endurance which comes from your pre programming.

Make sure that every morning your engaged in using affirmations, a vision board, or my favorite programming tool the Ideal Life Vision.

3. Buy a lot of product – be an example of

Don’t you love that customer on your team that buys a ton of product and is obsessed with the stuff?! Be that person! Don’t just buy the minimum amount of product to qualify you for commissions. Be an avid consumer. Be a raving fan! The more product you use and the more passionate you are, the more that will rub off on others.

Just think, if everyone on your team doubled their personal consumption, your volume would double!! Lead by example.

4. Go to events

Often I hear people say “I know what I need to do, now I just need to do it. I don’t need to go to another event.” The person that says this is probably not getting the results that they want. Remember that duplication is huge in this business! Your people are going to do what you do. There are five main reasons you should be going to events:

  • Gain Knowledge
  • Shift Attitude
  • Change Behavior
  • Learn Skills
  • Build Belief

Notice that only ONE of the reasons is to gain knowledge. Events help you shift! They help you take action!

5. Invest profit back into yourself and back into your business

Don’t be afraid to continue living on your day jobs income for a while and invest your network marketing earnings back in. You are running your own business here! Invest in travel to support your team, invest in product, invest in events, invest in courses, invest in coaching!

6. Everyone hits a point where it doesn’t make sense to continue… keep going!

Everyone seems to hit this point where it just doesn’t make sense to keep moving forward in their network marketing business. The financial return for the time commitment just doesn’t make sense. Remember that you’re building an asset. Commit to the long term and keep going!

7. Be the person that you would LOVE to have on your team.

At the end of the day, duplication comes from you. BE what you want to SEE in your leaders and you will SEE who they ARE come to life!

Go rock your day!

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