Placement Principles and Strategies For Network Marketing Success

Disclaimer: I’m not your upline and our compensations plans could very well be very different. This post shares general principles and strategies that will work for any comp plan but make sure that you ask your upline “how can I truly maximize our compensation plan”. That questions will be key for you as you move forward! 

5 Principles to remember as you structure your network marketing team:

1. Any mistake that you make in placements can be solved by signing up more people.

And I really many ANY mistake! Stay active in enrolling new people onto your team. Make it a goal to sign up at least one new person every single week!

2. Learn how to come to peace when you have an imbalance. Just trust your higher power. Feel gratitude.

Even though your team may feel super weighted to one leg or you might think “if I had just placed that person on this leg”. Trust that things are the way they are for a reason. Choose to operate from a place of peace and power. It could very well be that that person that built like crazy in your strong leg would not have done as well in a different place. We can’t always predict the future. Choose to trust, feel peace and choose gratitude for ALL growth EVERYWHERE. =)

3. Ask yourself these questions before placing a new person

  • Where will this person be best served?
  • Do we have mutual connections?
  • Are they geographically close to a certain person?
  • Do they want to do online marketing?
  • Where are YOU focusing your time?

4. Don’t steal other peoples customers or recruits. Always err on the side of generosity.

If you weren’t the one who invited someone to an event. Don’t steal an enrollership of a new customer just because the person that invited them isn’t “actively building” Always err on the side of generosity. And let people experience small wins! Those will instill confidence and help them want to create more!

5. Place people under proven builders

Instead of trying to light a fire under a dead log, add fuel to a fire already burning bright!

Hope you enjoyed these tips!
Have something you want to add? Let me know in the comments below and let’s talk about it. We all have slightly different views on this topic and i’d love to hear what YOU think. =)