Facebook Ad Ideas to Get New MLM Customers and Builders

**I’m writing todays post from BRAZIL =) So it might be a little slimmer in length than I would like for this topic. Make sure to check out the website I mention at the end 😉

Facebook ads rock… Seriously they are one of my favorite ways to INITIATE the process with a new prospect. I feel like one of the problems with the way most people approach facebook ads is they are trying to close the deal in the ad itself. No body clicks on a coke ad and buys a bottle online right?

So step one is to realize that your online efforts should eventually lead people to a phone call! Email at least! But the beauty is that often if you have a funnel set up the process can be super smooth.

As an example here is an email I got just 5 days ago about someone wanting to become a customer of our products (I had never once talked to this person before other than through them just receiving our automated email sequence):


That person came to us through a facebook ad!!! Cool right?

So here’s the catch with facebook ads

Yes there is a catch…

You’re going to have to be willing to lose money in the beginning. Think of it as your investment into your facebook ads degree. Be willing to put down a couple hundred dollars in ads to really discover how to use the tools available through facebook. If you want to mitigate your risk and learn from me personally what is working for us, check out the free trainings I do over at www.onlinenetworkmarketingmastery.com.

Listen to the full podcast to hear about some of the different types of facebook ads you could run to drive customers and builders into your network marketing business. I also give a few specific ideas depending on if you’re in a skin care, makeup, health and wellness company etc…

Ignore that little voice in your head and just take action!

Every single person I’ve ever coached in taking their business online has some level of fear about ads. Whether it’s being camera shy, losing money, etc… Most people just think ads are for big businesses and say “who am I to run an ad!”

Well let me be the first to tell you you’re a rockstar! =) Hush that little voice and take courage my friend because the world of paid advertising is not only a ton of fun, but as you master it, it will be SO worth it financially for you.

Keep rocking my friend and make sure to check out www.onlinenetworkmarketingmastery.com if you enjoy these kinds of topics!


PS type in the comments below any concerns or questions you have about facebook ads. Let’s start a conversation right here right now. =)