Advice For Couples Building Their Network Marketing Business Together


Seantay and I have been building our network marketing business together for some time now. It has brought us so much closer together as we’ve learned how to work together and really co-create on a massive scale!

This is an episode you’ll for sure want to listen to and not just read.. but here are our main talking points:

Define your individual roles in the business

It’s so valuable to look at your unique gifts and skills and define specific roles for the business. it’s also important to be very clear and divide up the to do items that neither of you like doing but need to get done.

Communication is Key

I’m not sure anything can force a couple to learn good communication better than building a network marketing business. Okay actually having kids would be number one. Building a business together would have to fall in #2. =)

Be clear about your needs and supportive of the desires of your spouse. When it’s needed to offer constructive criticism make sure that there is way more praise in the conversation than critiquing.

Men out there, be sure to remember to listen. =)

Set specific plans

Set time aside to do in depth planning for your year, each month, each week and even each day. Daily we check in with each other at night to make sure we are on the same page about our schedule and the needs of our family.

Time Management and priorities

As you build your business together regularly check in and see if your actions are in alignment with your priorities. All of our lives and the way we build is going to look different and that’s part of the beauty of network marketing! You get to customize your families life. You can structure your business around your ideal life.

So start living your ideal life now! Yes you may not have as much money as you plan to have in the future, but make sure that you live your priorities out NOW.

What tips do you have for building this business as a couple? Share in the comments below!