38: Tap Rooting Network Marketing Technique

Have you heard of this awesome technique to ignite your team and create momentum with your mlm builders? Tap Rooting is a slightly more advanced technique that not everyone out there teaches. But it can do wonders for your business.

So What is Tap Rooting?

Tap rooting is when you find someone in your depth who is motivated and ready to work and you focus a large amount of your time and energy helping them have success. This is a great strategy for anytime you find someone who is committed to working hard, but it’s more commonly talked about when there are people in between you and this person who are not actively building.

We all have the experience where someone that we personally recruit signs up a handful of people but eventually throughs in the towel or decides to take a break from their business. Tap rooting is valuable because it helps you focus your energy where the energy of your team is the strongest.

What often happens is that you help someone in your depth start to succeed (light them on fire) the fire starts to rise and re animate people in their upline to start working again. At the end of the day, focusing your time and effort on the people that are putting in the work and really craving success will create great MOMENTUM for your team.

Find people in your depth that are ready to rock, and lock arms with them and treat them for a season as if they are front line builders.


Todd Falcone – How to triple your volume in 5 days or less:

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