39: Email Marketing For Network Marketers (plus additional income stream)

You need to have an email service provider. Period. It’s the one online tool that I honestly believe that every single network marketer should have. Not everyone who builds a network marketing business wants to build their business online, but having an email service provider is really a must and I’ll explain why below.

What is an email service provider?

An email service provider is a company that will let you capture and store email contacts in bulk, as well as send bulk emails. You can also use an email service provider to set up automated campaigns to send emails out at a pre scheduled rate to people that join your list.

There are tons of email service providers out there, but I use the one that is most commonly recommended by the top online marketers out there. If you are looking for a super advanced option you might want to look at Infusionsoft, but be ready to pay for fancy. =)

My choice of email service provider: Aweber

aweber best email service provider for mlm

I use Aweber because it’s cheap, yet really high quality and reliable. Some other services out there are free for a certain number of subscribers but end up costing more than Aweber over the long term. It’s a pain to switch providers, so choose to start with an option that is what you expect to use long term. You can check out Awebers pricing here.

Down below i’m going to explain how you can actually get Amazon to pay for your email service provider long term. Pretty cool 😉

Affiliate Disclaimer: I personally use Aweber in my business and do have an affiliate relationship with them. So if you decide to go through one of my links (above) I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you do go through my link to get this awesome service I want to say thank you! And please let me know if you have any questions about how to use Aweber. I’ll do my very best to help you out! =) 


Why is collecting people’s emails so important?

Email is still the very best platform out there for staying connected to your team, your followers/audience, prospects etc…

Social media get’s a lot of hype but the truth is that even if you build up a large following on one of those platforms, you can’t control how many of your followers are actually going to see your posts! Fancy algorithms are most likely filtering out your posts so that only 10% of people that follow you are even seeing what your posting…

But don’t get too depressed. If you build an email list, you will have a sure fire way to get into peoples email inboxes. Email has been shown in studies to still be the strongest place to nurture and sell to any given audience.

What if I don’t want to build my business online at all?

Even if you’re not building your network marketing biz online, I still recommend that you use an email service provider because it’s the best way for you to communicate with your team and send out newsletters. Having a consistent monthly product and business newsletters can do amazing things for your business!

If you try to send out these newsletters through your MLM company’s virtual office, your deliverability rates will very likely be low (meaning your emails will just go into peoples spam folders…). If you try to just send mass emails through your normal gmail account you’ll very quickly be labeled by google as a spammer that sends hundreds of the exact same email and will have the same issue..

Collecting leads offline

One of the best things we started doing in our business was having people sign in to our classes and events before we got started. This has been a powerful way for us to stay connected to people that don’t buy after the event and continue to educate them on our products or invite them to future events. Remember that some people need over 12 exposures before they will be ready to buy! Think of how many customers you’re probably missing out on…

Also have you ever done any kind of booth at a farmers market or trade show? Run a giveaway at these events and have people give you their email as one of the requirements to enter the product giveaway. Then nurture those leads through an autoresponder sequence with Aweber until the sale happens.

Want to attract customers and builders using online marketing?

If the answer is yes then you are going to want an email service provider to collect and follow up with your leads on autopilot. One of the other things I love about Aweber is that they integrate with other 3rd party plugins and online tools that I use (like webinar services).

How can I get Amazon to pay for my Email Service Provider? =)

Aweber is a paid service, but you can pretty easily get it to pay for itself using Amazons affiliate program. Let me explain how this works.

Amazon has what is called the Amazon Associates Program. The way it works is you create specific links to any product on amazon that will tell amazon that YOU referred that person to their website. If they buy that product you linked to, you will earn a small affiliate commission at no cost to the person buying the product.

But what’s even cooler is that even if the person doesn’t buy the specific product you referred them to, but they buy something else on Amazon within 24 hours you will get a commission on that item! ANY items they buy within 24 hours of clicking on one of your amazon affiliate links. Pretty cool right?

So how do I use this to get my email service provider payed for?

In my monthly product or business newsletters (and also in my autoresponder sequences), I often link to personal development books that i’m reading or other tools on Amazon that I would talk about anyway in correlation with my products or niche! The commissions I get from Amazon more than cover for the cost of having Aweber host my email contacts. It’s pretty cool to me that every month Amazon direct deposits over a hundred dollars into my bank account from Amazon that I earn basically on autopilot. =)

A good example of how I do this authentically and naturally on my website is my resource page.

Affiliate marketing can actually become a great additional income stream for you over time!

I hope you’ve received value from today’s podcast and post! Let me know what you thought in the comments below.
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