40: Closing vs Opening People

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In today’s episode I talk about the difference between closing and opening people.

Very often when people tell me they don’t like sales, it’s really that they have a fear about closing people. Sharing info about their products they can do all day long, but it’s asking people to PAY for those products terrifies them for some reason.

Two concepts that have really helped me to get over my fear of sales have been…

1) the realization that in network marketing especially, our goal is more to open people than to close them. In network marketing we’re not interested in a one off sale. We want to help people step into a better lifestyle by using our products continuously. So the goal is really to open people up with education, powerful questions, personalized solutions / game plans etc…

2) Sales = Service! If you have a strong belief in your products and the value they bring you should understand that the sales process is actually a good thing. It’s the way you serve people. That simple shift in mindset can totally shift your energy and their response when you invite them to purchase your products.

Make sure to tune into episode 41 where I will give you specific scripts and questions to use to close well.

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