41: No Pressure Closing Scripts and Questions to Use With Your MLM Prospects

The first thing you should understand is that the closing process starts the minute people first meet you!

First impressions are SO powerful and that’s a big part of why I spend time learning how to master body language. Make sure that from the very first time you meet someone new you are focused on them, engaging and connecting as well as you can.

We talked in the last episode of the importance of focusing on developing relationships, over just getting a one time sale. Notice how non pressure this closing process is below.

Here are 6 steps to a no pressure close with your MLM prospects



  1. “What did you like most about what you saw tonight?”
    “What interested you most about the products we presented about tonight?”

    • Get them talking about their needs and what resonated most with them.
  2. “How Serious are you about resolving these things right now?”
    • If they say they are serious offer the larger kits with the most benefits,
  3. “If I were you, I would…”
    • Give them a clear path by telling them what you would do in their shoes. Be genuine.
  4. “What are the factors you’re considering in making this decision?”
    • This is the time to help THEM overcome their objections.
  5. “Is there anything we haven’t discussed that will affect your decision?”
    • This is one last chance to overcome a deeper objection they might have been hiding.
  6. “What do you think is the next best step for you?”
    • Give them the power and honor their intuition.

Your goal should always be the best meet the needs of your prospect.

Remember SALES = SERVICE!!!

Hope you got benefit from this closing process. Commit to memorizing these phrases!
Are you excited to try out this process? Comment below this post and tell me when you’re going to put this into action!!!