42: Using Videos to Grow Your Influence and Network Marketing Business

Check out this Udemy course by Spencer Burnside all about how to create high quality videos.

Online communication has evolved into more and more intimate forms of media. We’ve gone from almost everything being text based, to then images dominating the online space, then video, and now live video! Video continues to be one of the best ways to INFLUENCE people online.

Cool Statistics About The Power of Video:

  • It’s 40-50x (depending on the study you read)¬†easier to rank on the first page of google with a video than it is with a blog post!
  • Having a video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%!
  • Youtube says video consumption rises 100% per year.
  • After watching a video 64% of users are more likely to buy a product
  • 1/3 of all online activity = watching video!!!

Do you think you should be using video to market yourself and grow your influence? uhhhh yes. And this goes for your warm market AND your cold market.

Quick Quality Video Tips

  1. Good lighting really does matter. Get a lighting kit, build a DIY lighting kit (as spencer shows in his course above), or at the very least make sure that you’re getting good natural light (film by a window) when you’re creating your videos.
  2. Good audio also matters. For me this means video time is during Lincoln’s nap or after bed time. Legos clashing against the walls and cars running up and down the doorways can be very distracting for your viewers. A great place if you absolutely cannot find a quiet place in your home is in your car!
  3. Put your best foot forward, but… put your foot forward! So many people are so petrified by fear of being on camera that they never take action and start filming themselves. Your audience deserves to get to know you and interact with you through video. Muster up the courage and get over your need for perfection. JUST TAKE ACTION =) You’ll get better over time.
  4. Be real! Everyone can tell when you’re “acting” or pretending to be something you’re not. Just relax, be yourself and understand that your personality is going to attract some and repel others and that’s totally fine. Remember overly scripted is weird. Please don’t be weird..

I hope you enjoyed today’s topic. Check out the course above if you want to learn how to create awesome videos using just your iphone!

PS. Why did I not put a video in this post? ^_^ lol

Comment below if you are committed to using more video in your business!