43: Destroy That Little Voice That Says “Who am I to …”

Who am I to tell you listeners that you can get over that little voice in your head that holds you back.. Who am I to coach people in network marketing? Yeah i’ve had some good success but maybe I just got lucky! There are people with WAY more experience and success than me that should be teaching these ideas to you right now. Maybe I should just stop creating podcasts, stop creating videos, stop taking action all together…

Okay i’m being a little dramatic I know… haha. =) 

But all of us experience at one time or another that voice in our heads that holds us back from taking action. A lot of the time it stems from a lack of belief in ourselves more than anything else.

In today’s episode I talk about how to conquer that little voice and become a master of ACTION.

By biggest tip for you is to craft your mindset IN ACTION! Here are three more tips:

  1. Watch your thoughts throughout the day – doubt your doubts
  2. Use a tool like the Ideal Life Vision to saturate yourself in positivity daily.
  3. Take action! Push past your fears and choose to FAIL FORWARD!

Destroy that little voice in your head and go take action my friends!

PS If you haven’t yet watched my webinar on crushing your limiting beliefs, it’s time =)
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