44: MLM Time Management Tips

You can either master time, or become a slave to it. It’s really that simple.

As just one example; studies show that the average person spends 4 hours a day watching TV or on Social Media… 4 hours a day!!!

What if you dedicated just two of those hours to your business every day?!

You would absolutely crush it!

So if you’re not already familiar with this concept, let me introduce you to time blocking.

Time Blocking for Network Marketers

Time Blocking is basically breaking up your work tasks and scheduling them into specific times during each day! During those blocks of time you commit to the task you have set and honor the time that you’ve blocked out to be with your family as true 100% family time.


Ask yourself right now, “what are my working hours”? Do you have them? If you’re really honest with yourself are you working each day consistently and focused on your business? Or maybe you’re working ALL DAY LONG! Too little and you’re simply not going to grow. Too much and you risk burnout. Find your personal happy place. =)

Listening to this episode you’re going to hear my daily schedule AND what I would have my schedule be if I was still working at a 9-5.

Do you answer your teammates questions ALL DAY LONG?

Sometimes when I talk to people about time blocking and focused work they say something like “but I want my team to know that I’m always there for them, so I just answer their texts and calls as they come in”.

Well my friend, you may think you’re great, but that example will likely filter down into your team and leave a lot of people burnt out.. Consider scheduling in your “reactive time” you could have 3 thirty minute windows throughout the day set aside to text or message back and forth with people.

Also consider turning off notifications on your phone during specific working tasks that require focus.

Reject that dopamine causing, trigger happy, finger swiping, connection craved brain. Smartphone addiction is alive and well.

Other Resources mentioned in this episode:

Pomodoro Timer Tracker
Appointment schedulers like – Schedulista or youcanbook.me

Call to action: Determine your working hours and time block the most important activities into your schedule.
Go master that time!

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