45: Grow Your MLM Team Leveraging Company Events

I just came back from a week at our companies anual convention and I’m ON FIRE! (Not literally… no need to worry). These events are definitely one of my favorite parts about being involved in Network Marketing. We got so much science, product training, quality time with our team, upline etc…

Getting people to your companies “out of town” event each year should be your number one priority for the year. I want to invite you to start thinking about these events as your most valuable TOOL.

How are company events a tool?

In the context of what I talk about here on the blog and podcast, a tool is something you USE to help grow your team. That could be anything from product samples, to online tools, to events.

Why are these events so important?

If you were to try to replicate your company’s anual event, you would probably need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions, and be able to pull in EVERY top leader in your company. It would be almost impossible to pull off on your own. This is not something you could easily replicate.

Get people to BUY IN to the company vision!

Let’s be honest! Events like these are usually a bit of a sacrifice for people to go to. They are sacrificing a week away from their kids, paying the travel expenses and taking time off of work. That sacrifice will help them sink their feet deeper into your opportunity.

Training, Inspiration and Motivation

These events also help distributors gain knowledge, belief, motivation, courage, excitement and SO MUCH MORE. It’s an opportunity for people to see that they are a part of something bigger than just themselves, and to feel a part of a movement! We are wired to love being a part of a community or tribe.

They are FUN!

Nothing is more fun than spending time with people who think like you do. Who are involved in a similar mission or cause. Usually these events also have team dinners, free time, and even a party for you to spend time celebrating the years accomplishments together as a group. It’s SO important that people don’t just feel like your opportunity is “work”. Magic happens when people are having FUN. =)

Getting people to your company’s anual event should be your #1 priority every year!

Almost every single top leader in network marketing uses their company events as the cornerstone for their growth and momentum.

If you’re not going yourself to your company’s destination events… you’re just not building the business. You’re treating your business like a hobby. And if you’re brand new the tendency will be for you to wait until you have someone to go with you. BUT, realize that when you have someone to go with you, they will likely have that same excuse. Set yourself up for success NOW by going (even by yourself), so you can tell people how much of a game changer it was for you! Duplication starts with YOU. =)

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode! Tell me in the comments below what your experience with your company events has been. Are they important in your business? Why?


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