47: The Art of Crucial Conversations in Network Marketing

Today’s podcast episode was inspired by a leadership training I recently attended. At this network marketing leadership event Ron McMillian, one of the authors of the book Crucial Conversations, came and taught us about the art of having crucial conversations. If you haven’t ever read his book, this is one might really want to check out:


Crucial Conversations – Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

Network marketing is a relationships based business!

The sooner you recognize this truth the better. Most of us know that communication is key in maintaining relationships but in network marketing, it is one of the very most important skills of all! As a leader in network marketing you are leading a volunteer army. Especially for people that are new to your business, if the relationship goes bad you’ll probably see them leave quite quickly…

Start the relationship out right!

If you haven’t already read the Go Pro book by Eric Worre you need to… There is a chapter in his book called Getting someone started right. In this chapter he talks about some conversations that should take place when you’re getting a new person launched. I’ll share a couple of those conversations below.


Clarifying the persons expectations and commitment to build:

Here’s a great conversation you could have to help someone who is looking into your business. (Go Pro page 98 and 99)

Question 1:

“Based on what you’ve just seen, if you were to get started with this company on a part-time basis, approximately how much would you need to earn per month in order to make this worth your time?

instead of asking “How would you like to make $10,000 per month?”, get people to choose in to THEIR level of play! Help them set a goal that they can see themselves reaching. A goal too high for them will stress them out. Too low and they might not be inspired. Let THEM lead. =)

Question 2:

“Approximately how many hours could you commit each week to develop that kind of income?”

With this question you’re getting a commitment in advance for their short term commitment level.

Question 3:

“How many months would you work those kind of hours in order to develop that kind of income?”

Here you’re getting their long term commitment.

Question 4:

“If I could show you how to develop an income of (answer to question 1) per month, working (answer to question 2) hours a week over the course of (answer to question 3) months, would you be ready to get started?”

At this point usually the person will say something like “Sure, show me how”!


Set them up for empowered independence!

(Go Pro Book Page 103)

“If you succeed in this business, it’s going to be you who creates that success, not me. And, if you fail in this business, it’s going to be you who creates that failure, not me. You are going to be the difference between success or failure. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, but I can’t do it for you. I’m here to work with you, but not for you.”

“My job is to help you become independent from me as quickly as possible. Do you agree that’s a good goal?” (this statement is GOLD my friends! USE IT!)

Prep Your New Builder For The Network Marketing Rollercoaster Ahead Of Time

(Go Pro Book Page 104)

“There will certainly be ups and downs as you build your business. There will be good times and bad times. I’ll know you’re in one of the bad times when you aren’t calling me, you aren’t showing up for meetings, you aren’t on the calls, if I start hearing excuses-that sort of thing. When that happens with you, and it happens with everyone, how do you want me to handle that? Do you want me to leave you alone or do you want me to be persistent and remind you why you made this decision in the first place?”


Set yourself up for success NOW by setting up when and how you will reach out to your new builder when they are going through a rough spot in the business.

These are a few conversations that you should have ahead of time with builders. However there will be several other times in your business where you’ll need to have “routine maintenance crucial conversations”.

Placement Conversation

Anytime you place someone you’ve enrolled under one of your other builders you should have a conversation with the upline to get them to buy in to supporting their new member. If they are not willing to support with product questions or business mentoring, they might not be the best fit for your new recruit!

Crucial Conversations When Expectations Aren’t Met

Instead of just ignoring your downline when they are not working or meeting your expectations, learn how to have effective conversations with them! Sometimes all someone needs is a listening ear to complain to about an issue they’re having and then they’ll be ready to move forward again.

When approaching these maintenance conversations explain the gap between the actual performance of the distributor and the expected performance. Then simply ask why and listen. Your ability to listen, love them and support them in a readjustment while maintaining trust and strength in your relationship will be a huge determining factor in how effectively you will be as a coach to your team.


I hope you enjoyed this episode of the podcast! Have you had to have any crucial conversations in your business? Tell us about it in the comments below. =)

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