48: Mentors, Coaches and Accountability Partners

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Invest in Yourself

Few things will be more valuable to your business than having good mentors, coaches and accountability partners.

As you step up and decide to become a professional in network marketing you’re going to want to invest in learning new skills and growing into a professional.

Here are some of the differences between mentors, coaches and accountability coaches (all of which you’ll want at some point in your journey).

Mentors in Network Marketing

A mentor is someone you have a long term relationship with. They are most likely in the same company as you and very likely will be someone in your upline or your enroller.

Mentorship is usually a more casual relationship. I recommend that you hop on the phone or over Zoom with your mentor at a scheduled time anywhere from once a week to once a month. We do weekly mentoring with our main builders and what we call monthly power mentoring with other people on our team that want a session with us.

Hiring a Network Marketing Coach

Hiring a coach is a step you’ll likely want to take after you’ve achieved a good level of success in your business. We often hit plateaus or stagnate for a season as we build. Hiring a professional coach can be great for learning and implementing new strategy, clearing limiting beliefs and mindset blocks, or for learning specific new skills.

A coaching relationship is more formal. It’s usually for a set amount of time between 6-12 months and is paid.

My biggest recommendation with hiring coaches is to make sure that they truly have the expertise you would like to gain. They often won’t be actively building in network marketing, if that is the case make sure to look into them and even consider getting references from other people that have worked with them.

Accountability PartnerĀ in Network Marketing

Struggle being consistent in your business? You might consider getting a more formal accountability partner. Your mentor or coach could be your accountability partner, but you could also hire someone specific, or it could be someone in your cross line or even who isn’t in network marketing at all.

Buying Training Programs

If you’re not ready to invest the money that it would take to hire a coach. Consider buying a training program from a coach that has the skills you want to learn. This is a fantastic way to short cut your learning curve. I’ve purchased over a dozen courses to learn new skills on my journey to network marketing mastery. I’m confident i’ll continue buying courses to learn new skills until the day I die. Remember, leaders are learners.

What do you want to learn?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and learn a new skill? Reach out to me through my Contact page and let me know what you’re looking to learn. Chances are I know of a great coach or course that could help you out!

Keep growing and keep going!

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