The Fortune is in the Follow Up – 5 Keys to Authentic Follow Up

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the fortune is in the follow up”. Sometimes I feel like people hear that and out of desperation start calling people and pressuring them to buy product or sign up!

Follow up IS one of the most important activities we do as a network marketers, BUT  it’s also usually the activity that people do wrong and end up pushing away or annoying family and friends.

Here are five keys to make sure that your follow up happens, AND is well executed:

Key 1 – Set up the next exposure

Eric Worre taught me something in his book Go Pro that really helped me shift my perspective of this business.

For a long time I thought the key was to get people to an event and sign them up!  The problem is that most people will on average need 4-6 exposures to your products or message before they end up joining you.

From every exposure you should already have in your mind what the next exposure is that you’re going to invite people to. So as an example if somebody comes to a class in your home about your products, you should then already have planned to invite them to sit down one-on-one or go to a monthly training or something similar.

Key 2 – Schedule the next exposure on the spot!

Having the plan to invite someone to the next exposure, is different than actually doing it!

Take action and make sure that before every single person leaves your home or event, that you have scheduled the next time you’re going to see them!

Key 3 – Schedule Your Success!  Have a specific time in your schedule blocked out for follow-up activity.

Because you don’t have time to always meet face-to-face with every person, you definitely will be doing some follow up over the phone!

Make sure that you have specific times blocked out in your schedule for follow-up activities so that when you go to schedule that with somebody you’re set up for success.

If you skip this step, follow up will end up leaking into your entire day at random times. This creates a lack of focus and lame family life!

Key 4 – Send people education!

We live in the information age!  One of the best ways you can guide someone’s experience with your brand, is to consistently feed them information that would be interesting and relevant to them about your products or business!

PS  if this information isn’t already out there, go create it!!!

Key 5 – Don’t be weird!!!

When some people get involved in network marketing (me included), they get weird in their communication. There is a sales component to network marketing, and some people get awkward in a sales environment.

To cure your weirdness, just remember that sales = service. If you lead with a servant heart, you won’t be weird.  People will feel loved and cared about when you follow up with them!

For more follow up tips, check out the Go Pro book.

Matt Hall