54: Lead Magnet Ideas For Network Marketing / MLM

Lead magnets are a powerful tool to develop and use if you are building an online business or growing your MLM online.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet, also often referred to as a giveaway, is something of value that you give to people in exchange for their name and email address. I´m sure youve opted in in the past to a free webinar, or to get an ebook, free audio or something of the sort. These are all examples of lead magnets.

Why you need a lead magnet!

If you want to pull in leads and start to create relationships online that you can serve, nurture and eventually market your products to, the best thing you can do is start start with a piece of high quality content and capture the your prospects info to follow up later.

Email is still the most powerful way to sell online. Marketing can be done on many platforms but nurturing to the point of the sale happens more often and more powerfully via email than any other method.

Below you´ll find a few examples that I found of people using lead magnets in an effective way to prospect, recruit and build their network marketing companies online. I tried to find a variety of people from a variety of different companies across a variety of different niches. Enjoy the list!

***IF YOU ARE BUILDING ONLINE AND HAVE A LEAD MAGNET, write a comment below this post with a link to your website and I´ll add you and your website to the list of examples in this post. =)

Who doesn’t love a little extra exposure right?

Matt Hall of www.mattmindset.com (the site your reading this on haha)

Click the image next to check out this lead magnet.

The first example i´ll share with you is one of my own lead magnets. You´ll see another example of mine at the bottom of the page.

For my website MattMindset.com my target market is people looking to have success in network marketing. This free audio guide is specifically created to be attracted to people in the network marketing niche who like personal development and understand the importance of mindset and beliefs. This is one of the core way I build my email list for this website.

Ange Peters of www.hol-fit.com (with the company doTERRA International)

Ange has a very successful blog and raving fan following of people that want to live a more natural, healthy and fit lifestyle. Her lead magnet not only gives people some great habits to create a quick win in this area, but it also gives them a discount on one of her paid web classes! This is a great way to give some huge value but also get people past that first time buyer mark. Serve and sell. =)

Jenelle Summers of www.jenellesummers.com (with the company Beachbody)

Jenelle is one of the, if not THE top earner over at beachbody. Her giveaway appeals brilliantly to people that care what they are putting in their body! If they care what they put into their bodies, they´ll probably end up loving her companies products AND they might be looking to make a change in their and would love a free coach!

Jackie Ritz of www.thepaleomama.com (with the company doTERRA International)

Jackie´s blog audience are people that are hyper focused on their health and probably have a family they take care of. =) One of her lead magnets is an awesome DIY recipe ebook for the mama who wants to paper herself with homemade, natural and healthy products. What a great intro to her products! What mom out there wouldn’t give her name and email for this awesome giveaway?!

Erin of www.livelifeactive.com (with the company Isagenix)

If you were browsing the interweb and looking for a way to lose weight you might stumble upon and fall in love with erins blog! She has a great clean eating ebook as her giveaway. This is a great way to give people some advice they can act on TODAY and start getting results, thus associating HER as an expert in that area. =)

Hayley Hobson of www.hayleyhobson.com (with the company doTERRA)

Hayley Hobson is known as a rockstar leader that loves building up other momtrepreneurs! If you stubbled upon her site you would see a powerful woman that can help you create a life full of fun, fulfillment and financial freedom. You can see how her ebook is a great first step down that path!

Marcus Ochoa of www.coachquestions.com (from the company Beachbody)

Marcus has a different approach with his blog. He is online and ready to answer the questions of anyone online looking into becoming a beachbody coach. If you were looking into becoming a coach and didn´t already have someone introducing you, you might find this site and join up with Marcus! He is a branded expert. You can see how his giveaway would help you decide to join up with him!

Seantay Hall of www.SeantayHall.com (with the company doTERRA) 

Seantay is a great example of using a sample giveaway as a lead magnet. If you were looking into using essential oils, wouldn’t you love to get a free sample before buying? Seantay offers a gift to her readers and then has the ability to follow up based on their specific needs.

Tools to Deliver Your Lead Magnet and Capture Emails

So now you’re convinced you want to have a lead magnet, and maybe you even have a few ideas for what your giveaway could be! But how do you set all this up? Well you’re going to need a couple tools to start.

(Full disclosure, i am an affiliate with the companies listed below because I use their services and LOVE them. If you decide to sign up with one of these services through my link I thank you for supporting the blog and podcast!)

Aweber – Email Service Provider

Aweber is the tool I use to store and send out broadcasts and automated email follow up sequences to the people who opt in for my lead magnet/giveaway. I love that they are super well known, super professional and one of the cheaper options out there. This is a great service for people just starting out with this stuff OR for the person already with experience online.

LeadPages – Capture Page Creator

Leadpages is a tool you can use to create a capture page or the lead boxes like you see me using on my site. When you click on the lead box a pop up to enter your name and email shows up. Leadpages is the leader in this space, there is really no one better. This is a must have tool in my opinion.

Dropbox – Lead Magnet Storage

Dropbox is a free option for a place for you to store your lead magnet that will be delivered by aweber after people opt in with their name or email on your leadpage or leadbox. There are also ways to link some types of giveaways up directly from your website so you dont need to use dropbox.

The last lead magnet i´ll share with you is another one of mine. =)

If you want to learn more about building your network marketing business online, check out my free webinar series by clicking on the image here:

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