55: Are You a Network Marketing Poser, Amateur or Professional?

This distinction comes straight out of my favorite Network Marketing book Go Pro Book – by Eric Worre. This is the first book every person who starts network marketing should read!

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Are You a Network Marketing Poser, Amateur or Professional? - TAKE THE QUIZ! I'm %%personality%%

A big part of whether you are a poser, amateur or professional comes down to your mindset.


approach only a few people hoping that they will get started, take off and make them rich. This has been described as the lottery ticket mindset.


are one step further down the path but are still focused on Luck. They worry about finding the perfect person, getting in at the right timing, having the right upline etc…


Focus on developing skills and taking action. They are consistent, persistent, positive and bold.

Most network marketers treat their business like a hobby and it ends up paying them like a hobby (aka it ends up costing them money).

Those who treat their business like a million dollar business can be payed as such over time!

So where are? Take the quiz, read the book, and take action developing skills and making big things happen! =)
Matt Hall