Consciously Creating Your MLM Team Culture

First let’s acknowledge that you DO have a culture! Whether you are conscious of how you’re creating that culture or not is a different story…

Part of stepping into leadership is stepping into the role of consciously creating your team culture.


Here are some of the benefits of having a specific team culture:

  • Your culture will highlight and enhance the specific strengths of your team!
  • Having an established culture will create a sense of belonging. We are WIRED to WANT to be in tribes.
  • You’ll see more unity and crossline support.
  • People are not loyal to products, they are loyal to people!
  • Lower your attrition! No matter what organization you are in, there will be some people who decide to leave or stop buying. People often STAY for different reasons than they STARTED. Being a part of a team family, is often a strong enough reason for many to want to stay!
  • Recognition within your team is a powerful thing and can be done more effectively within an established community.
  • Having a strong community will attract specific people to your team who resonate with the way you do things!
Call to action activity:

Sit down with your top leaders and start a conversation about your collective why and vision for your team and what you want your team to FEEL like.

If you don’t already have a facebook group or community set up, this could be a great first step to gathering your tribe and building a culture. 😉

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