The Best Tool to Convert The MLM Skeptics

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My very favorite tool to convert those who are skeptical about network marketing is the Rise of the Entrepreneur documentary created by Eric Worre and his team over at Network Marketing Pro.

CLICK HERE to check out the Rise of the Entrepreneur DVD.


This tool does a phenomenal job of breaking down why being an entrepreneurship is really the only route for the average person that wants to be financially independent AND why network marketing is the best entrepreneurial model for the average person. It is fantastic!

If you don’t already have a copy of this dvd, grab it, use it, love it! =)

The 3 main ways I use this tool:

  1. Watch it with new sign ups when they are getting started. It will solidify their confidence and belief in what they are offering the world!
  2. Get together as a team (maybe a monthly training) and have a group discussion about the points raised in the DVD.
  3. Give this to the skeptic of network marketing that is OPEN to learning more. If someone is not open, giving the DVD won’t do a thing to help them..

Have a fantastic day of MASSIVE ACTION in your biz!