Moving People From Your Cold Market Into Your Warm Market

Learning how to effectively bring cold market prospects into my warm market has been one of the most valuable skills i’ve learned over the past four years. Before we dig in let’s quickly define a couple terms that might be new to you if you’re just starting in network marketing.

Hot Market – These are the people you know really really well. There is a high level of trust between you and them and if your car broke down and you needed someone to pick you up, this would be one of the people you might call. You might have 20-50 people in your hot market.

Warm Market – These are people that you have a mutual connection or friendship with. Obviously there will be varying levels of intimacy with people in your warm market. But you’ll most likely have at least 250 people in your warm market.

Cold Market – These are people that you don’t yet know. “Strangers”, as your mom might have taught you to call them. =) I call them “friends I just haven’t met yet”. =)

How to Approach Your Hot Market

One of the first podcast episodes I did was on the very best approach when introducing your hot market contacts to your network marketing products. To see an entire training and copy and paste scripts to help you approach these people check out: Episode 05: The Hot Market Approach.

How to Approach Your Warm Market

Because you already have a certain level of trust with your warm market, many of them will be willing to take a look at what you do or are offering. You just need to approach them in a friendly, non pressure yet clear way. To learn how to effectively invite your warm market check out: Episode 14: How to Invite Effectively to Network Marketing Events.

If your company has a getting started system, how to invite should be a part of that system. Follow their advice, it’s been proven to produce results. =)

How to Approach Your Cold Market

Everyone that is not in your hot market or warm market falls into your cold market.

First let me share with you how I like to move people that I meet in my day to day life from my cold market into my warm market. Then we’ll talk about attracting your cold market online.

6 Steps to Moving Someone From Your Cold Market Into Your Warm Market
(Listen to the podcast episode for full detail and ideas on each step)
  1. Get out and meet people (intentionally be in places where your “tribe” hangs out).
  2. Focus on being interested in them instead of interesting to them.
  3. Find a way to stay connected (facebook or phone)
  4. Deepen the relationship!
  5. If it feels right or is a fit ask if they are “open” to taking a look at your products or opportunity and why you think they will love it.
  6. If it is or isn’t a fit, maintain the relationship either way! The timing might not be right now. Some people will circle back and want to join you in 4 months, 6 months or even in a year.


How to Sign up Cold Market Prospects Online

My number one tip here is to determine what your ideal target market is, build out a personal brand and attract people through educational or inspiring content.

This is not an easy route, but it is incredibly rewarding, powerful and fun to leverage the online world to build your business. You can participate in my free monthly workshops or get hand holding step by step help in creating your personal brand over at

Keep Rockin!